Ice Cream Truck’ Delivers Adult Frozen Cocktails

As a child, there was nothing better than playing in your back yard on a hot summer day and then all of a sudden you heard the magical music of the Ice Cream truck rolling through your neighborhood. I honestly still get excited when I hear it as an adult and from time to time, I step down to the end of my driveway and grab one of those delicious frozen treats.

I always said “I wish someone would create a delivery Ice Cream truck for adults that served adult frozen beverages” and it’s seems my wish is now a reality.


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Let us bring you a little Happy Hour! Home or at the office, we deliver frozen cocktails to you! Text in to preorder for delivery! Cocktails also available for pick up at 416 Main St!• Monday- Memorial/Candlelight/Shepherd Park Plaza – 7132046921 West U/River Oaks – 7132089109 Tuesday- Heights/Spring Branch/Energy Corridor- 7132046921 Wednesday- EADO – 7132062067 Heights – 7132042481 Meyerland – 7132046921 West U/River Oaks – 7132089109 Thursday- Memorial – 7132062067 Heights/Energy Corridor – 7132046921 Midtown/Montrose/Downtown – 7132089109 Garden Oaks/Oak Forest- 7132046921 Friday- Spring Branch/Heights- 7132046921 Jersey Village- 7132062067 Galleria/West U- 7132089109 Saturday- Memorial-7132062067 Museum District/Heights-7132046921 Galleria-7132089109 Sunday- Heights- 7132062067 Midtown/Montrose/Downtown- 7132046921 Energy Corridor- 7132046921 Washington/ Rice Military- 7132089109 #AdultIceCreamTruck #WeComeToYou

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A team in Houston is now delivering delicious summer cocktails including margarita’s, Moscow Mules, Pina Coladas and Daiquiris.

Obviously you have to be at least 21 to partake in the alcoholic beverages offered by this adult ice cream truck.

I never thought I would be jealous of something all the way in Houston Texas, but here I am drooling over the fact that they have an adult ice cream truck. I just hope this brilliant idea catches on around the country just in time for the summer!