If you love beer and hiking, I might have just found you a job for 2021! The Devil’s Backbone Brewing Company is looking for their Chief Hiking Officer, and is planning on paying someone $20,000 next month to hike and drink beer, legit! Here’s part of what they said:

Well, that’s what we’re doing! This spring we’re accepting applications for our 2021 Chief Hiking Officer. That’s right: we’re going to pay someone to hike the Appalachian Trail in 2021. We’ll outfit our CHO with gear, fly ‘em to the trail head, and throw some big ol’ beer parties along the way. Plus, there’s a $20k stipend.

When they say you really have to love it, it’s true, because this excursion is going to take between five and seven months since the hike is 2,200 miles. To apply you just have to make a one minute video of why you’re the perfect fit and fill out some info here by July 31st.

(Photo Credit: iStockPhoto)

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