DEA Looking For Contractor to Burn 1,000 Pounds of Marijuana 

The Drug Enforcement Agency needs to clear its evidence vaults of marijuana that is no longer needed, and they’re looking for a contractor that can incinerate a very high volume of pot.

According to a document outlining the DEA’s requirements, you  must be able to process at least 1,000 pounds of marijuana per hour, for eight hours a day.

The DEA would monitor the process via cameras and require annual drug tests for all of the incineration facility’s employees.

According to the DEA

“Although we appreciate local citizens’ willingness to offer their help, this is a complicated, large-scale government contract we’re required by law to bid every few years, and there are usually only a handful of companies with the necessary facilities and resources to help us dispose of this material. While it makes for an interesting headline, the truth is far more prosaic – our agents working across the Houston Division make a huge number of great cases, and as a result, we seize a tremendous amount of illegal drugs. Arranging for the safe and effective destruction of these drugs is just part of the job.”