Before I start this debate let me give credit to Gwynne Watkins who just so happens to be a writer for Yahoo Entertainment. Gwynn recently published a story and claimed that A Christmas Story is a terrible Christmas movie. (blah blah blah)

(Photo Credit MGM/Everett Collection):

(Photo Credit MGM/Everett Collection))

She goes on to list 5 things that make this a terrible Christmas movie.

1. A Christmas Story is all about consumerism

2. A Christmas Story is not about Christmas

3. The movie wants us to laugh at the misery of it’s characters.

4. The movie is nostalgic for all the wrong reasons

5. A Christmas Story has no Christmas Spirit

Okay I’m not going to go into details for the 5 reasons above because I believe it’s a waste of everyone’s time, but now that I have listed her 5 reasons, I’m going to say that this writer is completely clueless because this movie screams Christmas and is loved by millions of people. If the movie wasn’t about Christmas as she puts it, people wouldn’t be playing reruns of the beloved classic year after year for the last 36 years.

In my opinion, “A Christmas Story” is a great Christmas movie because it breaks all the rules this writer listed. When I was growing up, I had to deal with some of the same exact challenges that took place in this film. A family who went through the highs and lows during the holiday season. It was a real part of my life and I’m sure millions of people can relate with this film. So, Gwynne Watkins, I think you’re way off with your article and you probably need hug.

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Whomever has to enjoy the holidays with this writer..

Good luck with that!