Here at Scripps Radio Knoxville, our community is our family. So we're taking time every month on all 4 Scripps Radio Knoxville stations to spotlight local charitable causes that serve our community's needs with our 'Giving Light Initiative'. Each chosen non-profit cause receives $10,000 worth of promotional and commercial support to highlight their charity and the selfless work they do to help our friends and neighbors in East Tennessee.  

This month's charity is East TN Kindey Foundation

According to the CDC more than 1 in 7 US adults have chronic kidney failure and it’s the 9th leading cause of death in our country. Fortunately there is a great national foundation that is working hard to find a cure. However, what about the tens of thousands of your neighbors right here in East Tennessee that are dealing with kidney disease right now? It’s very challenging for the patient and their family to go through dialysis. Thousands fall between the cracks and can’t even afford to get to their dialysis treatments. Thankfully, the East TN Kidney Foundation can help. We currently serve 15 East Tennessee counties annually but we have many patients on a waiting list who are in need of your help.

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