Snake massages are a thing, are you interested?

If you're looking for a new way to "relax," and are into snakes, apparently snake massages are a thing that you can get done. (Not a typo), also I'm not interested. Business Insider sent someone over to The Wholeness Center in Valley Cottage, NY to see what the hype is all about. 

According to the video posted here is how it works with the non-venomous snakes; first they make sure that the client and the snake are comfortable with each other before the massage starts. Serpentessa has ten boa constrictors, but only three to four are used for the massage at a time. The video says that the snakes tend to move around warm bodies, but she guides them along during the massage even though they do all the work. 

It's also said that the snakes are never forced to work, and that they don't work when it's feeding time or if they're shedding or sick. The woman from Business Insider said that it felt like a "scaly hug" I'd rather just hug a human... Would YOU get a snake massage? Hit me on Twitter and let me know! 

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