NJ company to pay man's $1,600 Uber fare from West Virginia to New Jersey

A 21 year old man from New Jersey, Kenny Bachman, got drunk in West Virginia and accidentally ordered an Uber to take him home to New Jersey instead of where he was staying in WV. He fell asleep, and woke up two hours later on his way home to New Jersey, which isn't where he was planning to go.

Last week Kenny started a GoFundMe to raise the money to the money to pay the Uber bill, of which he raised $695 to date. Well lucky for Kenny, a local New Jersey company, Eat Clean Bro, has offered to pay his Uber bill since he made the decision to not drive drunk and be responsible. 

Bachman will now donate the money he raised for Mothers Against Drunk Driving instead, which is definitely a cool gesture! He was, given Donkey of the Day by Charlamagne tha God on Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club Morning Show: 

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