New bill would prevent people with DUI's from buying alcohol

State Representative, Bud Hulsey, is headed to Nashville next week to work on a new bill that would stop the sale of alcohol to people convicted od driving under the influence (DUI). Hulsey's bill would make it so that when someone is convicted of a DUI they have a red strip on their driver's license which would stop them from buying alcohol for three years.

The bill would also make it a misdemeanor for anyone who to alcohol to someone with the red strip on their driver's license. One liquor store owner, Thomas Carter, is not a fan of the bill and asks “what if he’s not driving? What if he has a friend that’s brought him down here or he had a misfortune.” His point makes a lot of sense, this bill would also be similar to keeping alcohol away from minors, except it would be easier for adults to get another adult to buy alcohol for them. 

I don't know how I feel about this bill, what do you think? Hit me on Twitter and let me know! 

h/t: WATE

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