John Cena sings "Rocky Top" w/ fans at WrestleMania

Last night was WrestleMania 34 in New Orleans, and besides Glenn "Kane" Jacobs competing in a Battle Royal, East Tennessee got a little more shine when a fan uploaded a video of John Cena singing "Rocky Top" at the show! 

The storyline was that John Cena didn't have a match, and would attend the show as a fan where he was seated next to Lisa Reynolds (who is from Nashville, but currently lives in Panama City Florida), who recorded and posted the video to her Facebook page.

Apparently Cena is fond of Rocky Top, when I searched YouTube to see if Lisa's video was up I found this video from 2011 when WWE Raw was at Thompson Boiling Arena. 


This had to be a dope moment for Lisa and her husband Russel, after providing one of the best gif's of all time, Cena wound up having a match and losing to The Undertaker. 

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