Jason Derulo says his Instagram was hacked, he didn't comment on Jordin Sparks' picture

Jason Derulo is the latest celebrity to claim that his social media page was hacked. Jordin Sparks posted a picture back in November that the sex of her and her boyfriend, Dana Isiah's baby, which is a boy, somehow somebody found a comment from Jason Derulo, Sparks' ex on the picture: 

Of course Derulo hit social media and responded to someone saying that he was on the set of a TV show and that his page was hacked by the show (of course)

I wonder if he knows that the picture is from two months ago, not sure if that albi is going to hold up. I've never seen the show Safeword, but I'll have to check it out and see what it's about. Do you think the show hacked Jason Derulo's page? Hit me on Twitter and let me know! 

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