AUDIO: Miguel on his inspiration for music, War & Leisure tour, and if he'd do an album w/ J. Cole

Miguel is one of my favorite artists out right now (top 5 easily), tonight I got to talk to him about his inspiration for making his music, his upcoming War & Leisure Tour, and asked if he and J. Cole who have made some great songs together if they've ever thought about doing an album together. 

We also got into his passion for music, which you can really hear when he talks about his upcoming tour and his music which is super cool. He's also headlining the second biggest stage at Coachella this year which is coming full circle for him, because a few year back he worked there with his friend's mom, and the first performer on the furthest stage at the festival a few years back.

I didn't know that it was possible, but I came away from this a bigger fan of his than I went in. Super talented guy, and I hope to make it out to one of the stops on his tour this spring! If you want to see if he's coming to your city, check out his tour dates here! How did I do? Hit me on Twitter and let me know! 

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