06/25/2017: Opioid Abuse

Three East Tennessee counties are suing "big pharma" over the opioid epidemic, tonight on Real Talk we had Anne Young and Bill Lee (Program and Assistant Program Director) for Cornerstone of Recovery in studio taking live calls about the Opioid epidemic in East Tennessee. 

We also heard from City of Knoxville Police Chief David Rausch, Deborah Crouse the Media & Relations Project Director for Metro Drug Coalition and live callers sharing their stories and talking to Anne and Bill who both have over 30 years experience dealing with recovery. 

If you need help you can reach out to Cornerstone of Recovery or Metro Drug Coalition:

Cornerstone of Recovery: (866)-877-4831  their official website, or on Facebook

Metro Drug Coalition: 1(800) 889-9789 on their official website, or on Facebook or Twitter

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