A New York judge dismissed one of six counts in the criminal sexual assault case against former movie producer Harvey Weinstein.

The charge was a criminal sex act in the first degree. It stemmed from a woman who accused Weinstein of forcing her to perform a sexual act on him in 2004. Her allegations were first reported in The New Yorker about a year ago.

But a letter unsealed on Thursday cast doubt on the accuser’s account of events. According to the letter, a friend of the accuser told a detective in August the encounter with Weinstein was consensual. The letter also says the detective didn’t disclose the information to the district attorney.

Weinstein’s attorney said he now wants the accuser to face perjury charges, adding, “Sexual assault is a serious crime, but falsely accusing someone of sexual assault is also a serious crime.”

Prosecutors say they “are moving full-steam ahead on the other [five] counts.”

Additional reporting from Newsy affiliate CNN.

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