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DJ Eric B

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DJ Eric B' is an American mixing DJ available for bookings all over the world. He's been entertaining and captivating people as a DJ for nearly 14 years, so he knows the score!


Eric's promo material states " Eric uses his unparallelled ability to fuse, Hip Hop, R&B, House, Dance and Old School to redefine the boundaries of musical genres. He combines smooth beat mixing and exclusive DJ remixes to further enhance his professional sound design. He is a DJ who defines, rather than letting himself be defined"!


Discovering and exploring new frontiers is his main aim where music is concerned. Eric is very experienced in all forms of dance music mixing. Eric describes himself as a "presentable, stylish, smooth and smart DJ."  He has a real passion for his music and gets a buzz out of bringing people together under the collective influence of his vibes.


By actively performing, practicing and creating his own unique style of remixing and mixing, Eric plans to redefines
the boundaries of music.


Eric Bennett aka DJ Eric B', native of Chattanooga TN, has been with Hot 104.5 since 2004 and has broadcasted over 800 5 O'clock Mix Tape shows to the Knoxville area. 


DJ Eric B' also lends his skills to the production department of Journal Broadcast Group and has been producing commercials for over 2 years now.  "I love making commercials...producing spots really has helped me become more in depth with radio".


"I really would like to thank the whole city of Knoxville for making a great place for my family and me.  Being a HUGE Vols fan, I really don't think there is any other place I'd rather be right now. I love the team I work with at Hot 104.5 and I have really learned a lot about the radio game being a part of this crew."

You can check DJ Eric B' Live on the Noon Throwback Mix 12pm-1pm Every Monday through Friday and you can also can check him out again on the 5 O'clock Mix Tape, Monday through Friday from 5pm-6pm.

You can also hear DJ Eric B' on the air Monday-Friday from 3pm-6pm. Check DJ Eric B's MySpace page for schedule dates and hot new exclusive songs. 


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