Hot-O-Ween 2017 presented by Virginia College

Hot 104.5's "Hot-O-Ween" costume contest is back at West Town Mall on Sunday October 22, presented by Virginia College!

This is an all-ages contest with prizes for the top three contestants in each age-group. Plus, this year don't miss the first-ever Hot-O-Ween Pumpkin Crawl...for babies only! (For more information and rules for the Pumpkin Crawl, scroll to bottom of page)

Registration starts at 2pm and contesting kicks off with the Pumpkin Crawl at 2:45 pm near JC Penney and Godiva. For more information, email

Costume Contest Prizes include:

  • WWE 'Monday Night Raw' tickets
  • MAPLE ALLEY bowling pass for up to 6 people
  • FRIGHTWORKS haunted house tickets
  • And more prizes to be announced!

***Pumpkin Crawl rules and information for parents***

  1. Babies will line up at the start line and at the signal, may be encouraged to crawl to the finish line.
  2. You will NOT be allowed to walk beside the contestant.
  3. Cheering and enticement are strongly encouraged.
  4. Only TWO adults will be allowed at the mat with each baby, one at the starting line, and one at the finish line. (TIP: we highly recommend having two adults per baby)
  6. Babies CANNOT be pushed started over the line.
  7. Babies do not have to stay in their lane.
  8. If a contestant WALKS at any time during the race, he or she will be disqualified, but will still be eligible for
  9. You may NOT use cell phones, food or the bottle/drink to entice babies. Use of anything else is encouraged.
  10. The first baby to cross the finish line is the winner.


Pumpkin Crawl Prizes:

1st place - $100 gift card to ONCE UPON A CHILD

2nd Place - $25 gift card to ONCE UPON A CHILD

3rd Place - $25 gift card to ONCE UPON A CHILD


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