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Be a Hot High School Ambassador!

Hot 104.5 is looking for High School Juniors to be Hot Ambassadors! We want to have a connection into area High Schools to help out with events like Tailgate Tours, Hypin' the Hallways and Dash for the Dress: Prom Edition! Tell us what makes you the best choice and we might just agree with you!

We'll be taking applicants starting now, so spread the word to kids at other High Schools too, cause we want as many abassadors as we can! 

1.Contact Info
First Name* M.I. Last Name*

Email Address* Daytime Phone Evening Phone
2.Where do you go to High School?
3.What grade are you in?
4.Who's your favorite artist?
5.What extra-curricular activities are you involved in?*
6.Facebook or Twitter?
7.Twitter username...if you have one
8.How do you feel about using social media?*
It's cool
I'd rather not
9.What do you want to once you're finished with school?
10.Why are you a good candidate to be a Hot Ambassador?*
11.Do you have experience with community involvement? (charities, non-profits, etc.)*
12.What's the coolest thing about your High School? (event, teacher, program, cause, etc)*


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